Saibhreas Capital

The Challenge

This private fund, previously Alamo Capital, wanted to rebrand for future investments and possible public applications. Discussion with the owners of this fund lead to a renaming in addition to the rebrand. The fund owner also desired to reflect their Irish heritage within the new brand. Additionally, they wanted a more “fun” icon for their Intelligence and Research reports.


Through our research we found the Gaelic word for wealth — saibhreas (pronounced sigh-vris). This unique word resonated deeply with the fund’s team. We also designed a stylized dara knot to further deepen the connection to heritage. For the “fun” we developed a stylized clover.

Saibhreas now has a fully realized brand identity and collateral to help draw future investors. 


Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Brand Naming 


Saibhreas Logos
Saibhreas Presentation Exterior
Siabhreas Presentation Interior
Siabhreas T-Shirt