Crafting brands for real estate businesses and properties.


We are a brand strategy and design agency for high-end commercial, residential and hospitality real estate properties and businesses. We help hone and focus brands to align owner vision and customer beliefs.

Our objective with every project is to attract attention, promote engagement and provide robust solutions to challenges your property or business face. We will help bring your idea to life with unique, strategic and creative solutions.

Drafting a new story requires brand strategy, a brand name and a superior brand identity. Whether we’re starting the story for a new initiative or breathing new life into the story of an experienced property we direct the brand to new heights and the next chapter.


Our Process

Tingen Creative implements a phased approach to branding businesses or properties.

During phase one we talk through discovery and begin research to develop the positioning of the business or property.

In phase two we craft the personality of the project with naming, settings its voice and tone, and designing its identity. After shaping these components we codify the guidelines and shape the tactics necessary to launch to market.

With phase three we measure our level of success and determine where improvements can be made to further enhance the offering.