Unique Food and Beverage (UFB)

The Challenge

Unique Food and Beverage (UFB) had recently experienced a large amount of growth and investment funds from a partnering organization. UFB desired to polish their look, expand their website and position themselves for continued growth in the future. They contacted us to help them with their brand strategy, brand identity and website update.

We held a discovery session to review their request and any undiscovered needs. We walked their team through our brand strategy framework. We were able to identify and study several competitors and clearly define factors of differentiation. Some of these factors included the UFB team’s ability to decrease transaction times at venues through process improvements and the owner’s keen sense for where efficiencies can be created with operation layout design.

With the strategy complete we were able to quickly develop the foundational elements of the brand identity. A stylescape was developed, which consists of a mood board or imagery gallery as well as a color selection. Logo options were sketched and reviewed. The selected logo is a stylized U. The U in UFB sits within the negative space of a line signifying a queue line at an event venue.

The UFB website was expanded from its single page to a multiple page site. Our brand strategy session allowed us to add content to the site to impact SEO. Additonally, we more fully define the capabilities and offerings of UFB.


The UFB brand has been improved well beyond its first stage. They were very please with our work rebranding their business for its next phase of growth.

Their brand identity now matches the clients they serve and those they will seek in the future.

The website has been expanded from its single page to a multi-page site detailing the UFB services, processes and client benefits.



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